FrissOn capital is committed to unlocking Latin America's Frontier-Tech potential, driving innovation and driving lasting change. Together, we will create a future where technology solves the world's most pressing challenges, leaving no one behind.

We invest in transformational entrepreneurs tackling global challenges and reshaping industries for the benefit of humanity.encompasses the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants.

Our Purpose:

to bridge the gap between visionary founders and the resources they need to succeed.

Bridge visionary founders to resources. We offer financial support, innovation ecosystems, labs, and a global network.

Investing in frontier tech startups for a better future, creating impact beyond financial returns. We generate lasting value, driving social, economic, and environmental progress.

We stand united, harnessing technology wisely and ethically for abundance and shared prosperity.

Driven by a vision beyond profit, we prioritize planet well-being, inclusive growth, and empowering bold entrepreneurs who dare to think differently and refuse to leave anyone behind.

Building bridges, fueling growth and impact. Together, we transcend boundaries, propelling humanity forward.

The Scenario

Latin America and the Caribbean possess untapped potential to reshape the world. Scientists from leading global universities, including Universidad Católica de Chile, University of the West Indies, Tecnológico de Monterrey, and the University of São Paulo, have created a community of over 315,000 scientists pioneering Frontier-Technologies. With expertise in biotechnology, nanotechnology, space technology, and more, their scientific output exceeds the global average publishing rate up to 29 times.

Latin America offers strategic advantages for technological development, with lower costs and extraordinary researchers driving innovation in Deep and Hard Technology. A deep-tech entrepreneurial ecosystem has emerged since the late 90's, nurtured by entrepreneurs, policymakers, and problem solvers. Joint initiatives with science agenvcies from Asia, Europe and North America, development organizations and the presence of R&D arms from flagship corporations further uplift the region.

While challenges exist, Latin America's Deep Tech entrepreneurship sector remains resilient. Purpose-driven entrepreneurs continue to forge ahead, propelling the ecosystem's growth. Valued at $221B USD in 2020, the sector is poised to reach $2T+ USD by 2030, presenting an extraordinary opportunity.

With over 25 years of experience, we are deeply entrenched within this space, recognized throughout the region. Committed to unleashing value creation, we founded FrissOn capital. Driven by our belief in the region's potential, we aim to trailblaze once again, supporting visionary founders and fostering transformative growth.

Who are FrissOn capital?

FrissOn capital is a US-based pre-seed fund dedicated to backing Frontier-Tech and the outliers of Latin America in health, climate, and infrastructure. We harness the resourceful innovators of Latin America, leveraging our extensive global network and experience to drive meaningful change.

The Power of Founders: We believe in the power of founders, the misfits who leave no one behind. They push humanity forward, defying risks and inspiring genius.

Our Approach: We invest in pre-seed-stage Frontier-Tech startups and take an active approach that leverages our financial, entrepreneurial, and growth expertise. We focus on after public funding and connect them with global innovation hubs.

Supporting the Next Generation: We prioritize the most ambitious players and bridge that gap between knowledge and capital.

Investment Focus: We prioritize integrated projects led by individuals with a global perspective and the potential to move from an early stage to a scaling phase.

Impact and Sustainability: We seek projects that have a positive impact on the environment, generating profits while introducing products and services that might otherwise be overlooked.

Values ​​and Social Good: Our investment decisions are rooted in evaluating good ideas and asking critical questions about where they plan to invest, in which sectors, and what the next steps are. We invest in opportunities that not only monetize but also generate a constructive social impact, such as creating meaningful jobs and uplifting people out of poverty.

Understanding Latin America: We consider the economic reality and scientific-technological potential of the region to generate actual value and avoid past failed investments. We focus on connecting with the world and experienced operators, as well as understanding the institutional limits and bottlenecks for Deep Tech in the region.

Driving Change: We seek opportunities that are large, bold, and have a clear path to market. We capitalize on the intersection of three areas of opportunity: Latin America, Deep Tech, and Key Global Challenges.

Accelerating Innovation: We find the right technologies led by the right entrepreneurs and support them in accelerating the scaling process of their technology.

Why FrissOn capital?

Deep Understanding of Latin America and its Deep Tech Ecosystem: We deeply understand the region's ecosystem, having actively nurtured it since the late 90's. Through training and partnerships, we connect with passionate entrepreneurs tackling critical issues.

Extensive Experience in Building the Ecosystem: 25+ years of experience forging the Deep Tech ecosystem in the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Europe, with Santander X, the US NSF, the US DoS, the UK RAE, the GIZ, the IADB, the WIPO, and national governments across the globe.

Founders with Real-World Experience: As founders ourselves, we have successfully built and supported Deep Tech companies. Our experience allows us to de-risk and empower entrepreneurs, guiding them at every step of their journey and knowing when to step aside to let them thrive.

Expertise in Working with Acquirers: We have a proven track record of running tailored programs for global trendsetters such as AB InBev, Bayer, Coca Cola, NASA, Nortel, Rakuten, Telefónica, Uber and more.

Holistic Team with Diverse Expertise: With team members ranging from entrepreneurs to institutional investors, wealth managers to innovators, and VCs to geopolitical experts, we have a comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurship, technology, and philanthropy.

Extensive Network: We have cultivated a strong network of includes industry executives, tech experts, operators, co-investors, and the largest innovation community in the world, comprising over 20,000 experts and founders.

Our Approach

We ensure that the startups we invest in receive comprehensive support, access to resources, and the opportunity to thrive in the dynamic Deep Tech landscape.

Extensive Deal Sourcing: We have a vast network that allows us to source deals from various sources such as universities, research and development centers, tech transfer offices, accelerators, other VC funds, and founders.

Rigorous Due Diligence Process: We have 3 initial filters to evaluate and then our team of entrepreneurs, venture builders, investment bankers, and consultants discuss the potential portfolio companies in our Investment Committee.

Strategic Investment Focus: We invest in startups that show the potential to transform their technology into a marketable product, that have a clear path to positive GM and ratio of LTV to CAC, scalability and the potential to build a diverse portfolio.

Access to Innovation Hubs and Non-Dilutive Funding: We provide access to an innovation hub ecosystem in Canada and non-dilutive funding for innovation.

Comprehensive Support Programs: We offer support programs with our partners, like venture building, governance, investment readiness, intellectual property and regulatory framework.

Focus on Latin America's “Knowledge Economy”: We require startups to keep a significant portion of their research and development activities and supply chain in Latin America, even if their holding remains in North America.

Join us to make transformative impact.

Our Team

Pedro López Sela

managing partner

Pedro is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, and speaker with 25+ years of experience helping individuals and organizations thrive. With a remarkable track record of founding over 20 companies, many of which have been acquired or merged, his entrepreneurial prowess is widely recognized.

Pedro firmly believes in the power of entrepreneurship to drive positive change. He has created innovation bridges and facilitated the birth of innovation ecosystems in Southeast Asia and the Americas. Pedro's expertise has been sought after by esteemed institutions such as the US Department of State, US National Science Foundation, WIPO, MIT, and EGADE Business School, among others.

One of Pedro's notable contributions is his bestselling book, "EBELI: The Method to the Madness of Venture Building," which serves as a practical guide to entrepreneurship and a roadmap to success. Esteemed industry figures, including Bob Dorf and Salim Ismail, have praised the book's practicality and its value in navigating the complexities of starting and scaling a business.

As a professor, consultant, and international speaker, he shares his wealth of knowledge and practical insights, alongside renowned thought leaders such as Peter Diamandis, Carlos Slim, Bob Dorf, Yves Pigneur, Jeff Hoffman, Salim Ismail, and Tamara Carleton. Pedro has had the privilege of working with Norman Borlaug, Mario Molina, and Julian Kinderlerer; and being trained and mentored by Bob Dorf, Alexander Osterwalder, Horacio Rangel, John Mullins, Steven Kotler, and Verne Harnish.

Pedro’s extensive educational background includes degrees from prestigious institutions such as Georgetown University, IPADE Business School, University of Sheffield, and Universidad de Deusto in diverse subjects such as biotechnology, commerce, engineering, law, management, philosophy, and policy, among others.

His entrepreneurial journey has also led him to strategic investments and venture capital. As the Managing Partner of FrissOn capital, he leverages his experience, industry knowledge, and proven methodologies to identify promising frontier-tech startups. Pedro's entrepreneurial background uniquely positions him to support and propel these ventures towards success, making a lasting impact on the business landscape.

His multicultural background, with ancestral roots spanning diverse regions, enriches his understanding of global markets and dynamics. Having lived in various countries, including Canada, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Panama, Peru, the UK, and the US, he possesses a global mindset that permeates his work.

Sebastian Molina Gasman


Sebastián is a Venture Capital investor with a track record investing in Emerging Markets. A graduate of Tulane University, where he triple-majored in Economics, Political Science - International Relations, and International Development, he also holds a master's degree from Cornell University with a focus on public administration where he was an Environmental Finance and Impact Investing Fellow and is a CFA Charterholder. Sebastián's passion for using investment capital to generate social or environmental impact brought him to the VC world, where he currently manages operations in Latin America for a global early-stage impact investing fund. His focus on disruptive Hard Tech and Deep Tech companies sets him apart, and his investments in early-stage companies, primarily in the Fintech world, have had a profound impact on financial inclusion for low-income people and small and medium-sized businesses across Latin America.

Greg Bowman


Greg is an Experienced Chief Executive Officer with an impressive track record in the renewables and environment industry. He is highly skilled in Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Business, Environmental Awareness, Renewable Energy, and Business Development. With a Bachelor of Commerce focused on International Relations & Finance from the University of Toronto, Greg founded and served as President of a solar company which implemented projects in seven nations. After his success, he began the Opportunities Beyond Borders program, which installed solar panels on schools in developing countries, along with providing computers and teachers to educate the local population about technology growth. Greg was also the first Canadian member admitted to the PPAF, a United Nations organization designed to facilitate public-private partnerships for advancing sustainability in developing countries. He was appointed Chairman of Canada to the Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization at the United Nations in the Economic Social Division of the UN. Additionally, Greg has led the development, finance structuring, and implementation of projects in Africa, South America, Central America, North America, and the EU. Throughout his time working at the UN and in the private sector, Greg has arranged for the development, insurance partnerships, finance, and implementation of over $2.4 billion of sustainable energy projects.

Renato Grandmont


Renato is a seasoned leader with extensive experience in global finance in the areas of wealth management, asset management, investment research, and finance entrepreneurship. He has served as Chief Investment Officer and Head of business and investment areas at global banks. Renato is focused on providing strategic intellectual capital to investors and companies. He has key strengths in ultra-high net worth client relationship management, business management, multi-asset class investment strategy, corporate governance, public speaking, and analytical skills. Renato completed Harvard Business School's Advanced Management Program and has a Master of Science in Economics with specialization in International Financial Economics and Econometrics from the University of Montreal. Renato has been an independent advisor to families in their global investments in liquid and illiquid assets and is part of the HBS Alumni Angels of Greater New York in New York, where he serves as FinTech Sector Co-Lead.

Eugenio Cantuarias


Eugenio is an engineer specialized in computer science and passionate about technology, with 15+ years of professional experience in consulting. In 2014, he became interested in the world of startups and started working as a financial advisor. In 2016 he set up an accelerator with which he gave advice to early-stage startups. By 2017, he was already investing with his own funds. At the beginning of 2021, Eugenio raised a $5 million fund and started investing in August of that year. He is interested in the issue of climate change, where he sees a great investment opportunity as long as the issue is not seen as mere activism, but as the possibility to start measuring and acting on how to address climate change and founders through investments under codes of ethics and investment. Eugenio is the founder of AceleraLatam and AceleraVentures, its VC.

Roberto Alvarez


Roberto is a visionary systems-thinker and doer with a dynamic background spanning 25 years in technology, business, and policy. With a portfolio of 20+ early-stage deals, Roberto is a Venture Partner at Seldor Capital, one of the first space-tech VCs worldwide helping in the transformation of state-of-the-art technologies into high-impact businesses, the Founder of AVentures, an early-stage investment company in Brazil, and an Industry 4.0 advisor to Bossa Nova Investments, the most active early-stage VC company in Latin America in terms of the number of deals. An engineer by training, Roberto worked as a management and operations consultant, co-founded 3 tech companies, designed and implemented executive education programs and taught at different universities. He is the author of books and other publications on innovation, industrial development and manufacturing strategy and operations. He also serves as Executive Director of the Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils and Senior Policy Fellow at Queen Mary University London's Global Policy Institute, helping to catalyze advances in the global innovation and competitiveness policy domain. Roberto deeply believes we need innovation in technology, business models, finance, institutions and problem-solving approaches to 'solve for sustainability'.

Javier Placer


Javier has over 30 years of experience helping companies grow as a Special Situations Analyst. He has held leading executive roles in companies like Telefónica Open Future, where he was the architect and CEO. Javier has also been working in finance and investment activities at OptiM&A Corporate, Salomon Brothers Inc., or Beta Capital, among others. He holds an MBA from the Stern School of Business at New York University. Until 2017, he was CEO of Telefónica Open Future, with operations in 20 countries, with more than 2K portfolio and accelerated companies, generating more than 10K jobs. Javier started his professional career at BBV and Beta Capital, and he specialized in co-creation of predictive applications based on Machine Learning. Javier helps companies make the right decisions on time. He helps them grow and provides plenty of business development opportunities around the globe. His main focus is to continue democratizing the use of Machine Learning and its applications across industries. Javier spends most of his time running his own asset management and M&A companies.

Adriana Tortajada


Adriana is a trailblazer in the venture capital industry who was key in the creation of the Latin America Impact Fund of Funds and the Fund of Pacific Alliance with IADB. As a member of Class 16 of the Kauffman Fellows Program, she brings over 20 years of experience in the financial sector, building bridges between academia, civil organizations, entrepreneurs, and public sector programs. Adriana is a leader in portfolio management and public fundraising and has designed and implemented the Venture Capital Fund of Funds of Mexico, benchmarking performance using international indicators of entrepreneurship and investment activity. She received her MSc. in public administration from the Ortega y Gasset University of Madrid, Spain, and her bachelor's degree in finance at the University of Guadalajara. In 2009, she attended the 'Open Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship Course' at the University of California, Berkeley Hass School of Business. With her passion for generating solutions and continuous improvement in all the projects she connects in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem; Adriana is at the forefront of building new brand attributes for the region.

Roberto Salinas León


Roberto is a recognized voice on economic prosperity, exchange and monetary policy, international trade, and property rights. With his exceptional credentials, including a Ph.D. in philosophy from Purdue University, Indiana, and a B.A. in political economy, history and philosophy from Hillsdale College, Michigan, it's no wonder he's a former director of The Economist Conferences in Mexico, and president of the prestigious annual symposium called Alamos Alliance, and director of the Center for Latin America of Atlas Network. Roberto is the Senior Debate Fellow at the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation and an Adjunct Scholar of the Cato Institute in Washington D.C. He has also been the driving force behind some of the most important policy and academic forums in Mexico over the past 30 years, including The Economist Conference's annual Mexico roundtable. With over 2,000 editorials published in top-tier publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Journal of Commerce, Investor's Business Daily, and Barrons, and over 1,000 lectures delivered across four continents worldwide, Roberto's thought leadership is truly unmatched.

Victor Barajas


Victor is a world-class tax lawyer with a master's degree in tax law and a focus on tax planning, advisory, and strategy, both nationally and internationally. He's represented clients, including Fortune 500 multinational companies, before tax authorities in rulings requests, audits, tax refunds claims, and settlement procedures. Victor is a former President of The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) Mexico and a member of the board, and a former Chair of the Young International Network (YIN) of the International Fiscal Association Mexico, and now a member of the board . He's an active member of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) Mexico and a member of the Tax Committee of the Mexican Executive CFO Institute (Instituto Mexicano de Especialistas de Finanzas “IMEF”). His expertise in structuring and advising has led him to focus on international and Mexican tax planning, primarily in corporate tax advisory for multinational, Mexican, and foreign companies, and advising high net worth families. Victor's passion for startups stems from his experience in seeking investment opportunities by capitalizing on his relationships with high-profile financial people.

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